How to book your Clawford Holiday.


1.   Email or Phone Clawford to confirm the availability of your dates for accommodation.

We will ear-mark your accommodation for a maximum of 7 days without a booking form & deposit.

2.   We will email you or send you the booking form through the post.

         (You will not have a reservation if you have not completed and sent a completed booking form to us!)


3.   Print off a booking form from our website (in the left column).


4.  Post the completed booking form together with your cheque with your 25% deposit made out to 'Clawford Vineyard'.

If you require a receipt a SAE is required.

Your booking will be secure when we receive your completed booking form and 25% deposit.

5.   The confirmation slip (from the booking form) will be returned to you through the post, if a SAE is sent,

 or by an email confirmation.

6.   The remainder of your B&B cost must be received at least four weeks prior to your holiday starting. 

 Six weeks for the Self Catering holidays.

Bed & Breakfast booking forms.

Print a B&B booking Form & T's & C's in 'Word' Format  

Print a B&B booking Form & T's & C's in 'PDF' Format    

Bed Rooms are large & can accommodate a mixture of Singles, Doubles, Twins or Triple occupancy.

Self Catering booking forms.

Print a Self Catering booking Form & T's & C's in 'Word' Format  

Print a Self Catering booking Form & T's & C's in 'PDF' Format   

Standard Duplex Lodges. (For 1 or 2 people).

Super Duplex Lodges. (For 1 or 2 people). In 'The Writers Block'.

Two/Three Bedroom Lodges. (For 3, 4 or 5 people).

The accommodation prices include VAT @ 20%.    Fishing is free at Clawford.

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