Clawford  Holidays, Clawton, Holsworthy, Devon, EX22 6PN.

The 'Clawford Bait Box'.



The Reception area can be found in the Tackle shop.

The Clawford shop stocks a good range of bait, ground bait and  items of tackle.



We stock a good selection of Sensus products, Nutrabaits, Dynamite baits & Van Den Eide baits.


The Sensus baits include the Crazy Bait Range & include ground baits, flavoured sweet corn, flavoured luncheon meat, carp pellets, hook able pellets, expanding pellets, tinned hemp, juices, sprays, pellets, ground bait and paste.


The Nutrabaits Range include, bag mixes, liquid foods, shelf life boilies, mini-boilies, freezer baits, pop-up boilies, total hemp pellets, CSL pellets, carpet feed, carp pellets, trigga Pellets, trigga ice pellets, specialist pellet hook baits & liquid boosters. 


Base mixes and flavours are available.


The Dynamite baits stocked include, Jars of Hemp, Tares & Sweet corn. Tins of Meaty fish bites, Carp tasters, halibut pellets etc.


The 'Fishrite' range of tackle include carryall's, weigh slings, weigh sling combi's, unhooking mats, rod pods, bivvy tables, cooler bait bags, bait bags, rig cases, hook bait bags, bivvy pegs, rig wallets, padded reel cases, etc.

We also stock a full range of the new 'Fishrite' PVA range of products. Including PVA bags, PVA string and PVA thread. 

Items of 'Brollnets' tackle are stocked.

Items such as bed chairs, guest chairs, umbrella's, keep nets, landing nets, landing net handles, carp friendly keep nets are available.

Small items of the 'Gardner' range are stocked including Talon tip hair rigs, hair stops, baiting needles, bait drills, swivels, ready tied lead core leaders, etc. 

Small items of 'Korda' products are in stock including, back leads, flying back leads, lead clips, rig tube, swivels, in line leads etc.

Other items of fishing equipment are stocked including  catapults, fishing line, lead shot, floats, bait boxes, baiting needles, end tackle, casting leads, plummet leads, bait bands, hooks, hooks to line, swivels, feeders, bank sticks, etc. etc.

We also stock Bags of coarse fish pellets (floaters and sinkers), Spam & natural green giant sweet-corn, maggots, worms & casters.

Anglers who require large amounts of Worms can order them at the time the final payment is made for the accommodation.

We do NOT stock maggots, but they can be obtained locally.

The shop also stocks items of consumables such as cold drinks and chocolate bars.

The shop will be open from 09.00 hours to 11.00 hours each day.