Clawford Festivals.



Clawford will be running three mini festivals in 2016.

Each Festival will be limited to a maximum if 24 anglers.

When all the festival places are filled, the festival goers will be fishing for a minimum, total prize money of £2,400.

Sorry, sponsored anglers will not be considered for any of the Clawford Mini Festivals.

On arriving at Clawford, each angler will be required to pay a festival entry fee. 

The whole entry fee will be allocated as prize money.

1. Spring. May 7th. 2016.  
2. Summer. July 9th. 2016. Gateford Angling Supplies.
3. Autumn. September 10th. 2016. Clawford Fisheries.


1. JR's Lake. 56 Pegs
2. Edwards Lake. 34 Pegs.
3. Fletchers Lake, 34 Pegs


1. JR's Lake. 56 Pegs
2. Rowes Lake. 44 Pegs.
3. Edwards Lake. 34 Pegs.
4. Major Johns. **** 16 Pegs.

****  Wild Card Lake. Lake will be decided at the start of the festival.  NOTE. Rod fishing only on the wild card lakes.


Bookings are being taken now, for the Mini Fishing festivals during 2016.

Bookings will be taken on a strictly 'First Come First Served' Basis.

Please let us know asap if you are interested in one of our Mini-Festivals as the Summer Festival is almost full.

The Autumn festival is already over half full.

To Book a place on a festival, please fill in a Clawford booking form (fully completed) and post it off with a cheque for 25% of the accommodation cost. See special deals in 'RESERVATIONS' to save money.

Phone 0755 4125 700 or preferable email us on

Match Rules.

·        No floating surface baits.

·        Barbless hooks only.

·        Please dry your keep nets before coming to Clawford.

·        You will probably need to bring at least 3 keepnets with you.

·        Stretch keep nets out at the peg on arrival before the start of the match.

·        Keep nets can only be placed in the water 15 minutes before the start of the match.

·        The starting time of the match will be announced during the draw.

·        Maximum of 80 lbs. of carp in a keep-net, if over counts as 80 lbs. only.

·        Maximum of 50 lbs. of silvers in a keep-net, if over counts as 50 lbs. only.

·        One keep net to be kept for silver fish.

·        You must use a float on the pole.

·        No floating of the pole.

·        Conventional pole fishing only.

·        Lift and drop only.

·        No Slapping, Tapping, Helicoptering etc.

·        All fish to be landed with a landing net.

·        A maximum of 2 Kg. of pellets (7 pints) to be fed during a match.

·        All pellets to be purchased from the Clawford bait shop prior to fishing. (£3.00/Kg.)

2015 Clawford Mini Festivals.

Clawford has had two Mini Fishing Festivals in 2015 organized and run by Mick Drage.

Each Festival was limited to a maximum of 24 anglers.

Sorry, sponsored anglers were not considered for any of the Clawford Mini Festivals.

More information can be had from Mick Drage on 01909 474785 after 17.00 hours throughout the week.

GATEFORD ANGLING SUPPLIES FESTIVAL. (Summer match fishing festival.)

The First Mini Fishing festival was the 'Gateford Angling Supplies Open' and was sponsored by 'Gateford Angling Supplies' of Worksop.

It took place, Week Starting 11th. July 2015. (Saturday to Friday).

The Festival was fully subscribed and thanks to Mick Drage and friends, was a great success.

 CLAWFORD AUTUMN FISHING FESTIVAL. (Autumn fishing festival.)

The Second Mini Fishing festival was the 'Clawford Autumn Fishing Festival'.

Took place, Week Starting 12th. September 2015. (Saturday to Friday).

A mix of match fishing with poles and mixed fishing with rods.


The autumn festival started on the Sunday with a Clawford Open Match.
The first festival match was held on Monday on Major Johns Lake (the wild card lake).
The second festival match was held on Tuesday on JRs Lake.
The third festival match was held on Wednesday on Edwards Lake.
The fourth festival match was held on Thursday on Rowes Lake.
The Friday is a free day with the festival anglers having a friendly match on JRs Lake. The prize giving was held in the bar in the evening.


Colin Steel from Birmingham was the festival winner with 12 points.
Section winner on Rowes Lake.



Fred Jones from London was joint second place with 13 points.
Section winner on JRs Lake.
Biggest weight 136 lbs. 4 ozs.



Mick Drage from Worksop was joint second with 13 points.
Section winner on Major Johns Lake.
Biggest fish 12 lbs. 8 ozs. from JRs Lake.



 Wanda with Colin Steel, Fred Jones and Mick Drage.

Geoff Franklin from London, runner up with 18 points..
Section winner on Edwards Lake.


First, many thanks to the staff at 'Gateford Angling Supplies' for sponsoring and organizing such a great event.

Mick Drage especially, has worked tirelessly in organizing and making things happen.

Total prizes were in excess of £3,000 with pool monies of over £2,000.

The festival took place on two lakes. Edwards and JRs Lake.

At the start. fishing was challenging as the first two days fishing took place in steady rain and a brisk wind.

Wednesday was sunny with a light breeze.

Thursday started off bright with some cloud moving in mid afternoon.

Mixed bags up to 75 lbs. were frequently taken from JRs Lake.

Edwards Lake produced mixed bags of up to 60 lbs.


The winner of the Gateford Angling Supplies Festival was Roy Butterfield.

Second place was taken by Mick Drage.

In Third place was Eric Hallowes.

Fourth place was taken by Shaun Story.

Fifth place Alan Maguire.


Best Carp was a 8.5 lbs. Common from JRs Lake. 

Best Bream was 5 lbs. from Edwards Lake.