The Clawford Carp Club.

The Clawford Carp Club (CCC) was formed in March 2000 with a membership limited to seventeen  anglers.

Members of the CCC are entitled to fish Tanners Lake, Major Johns Lake, Clawford Lake and Poynters Lakes, 365 days and nights of the year (366 on leap years).

Each Angler is limited to two rods.

All CCC members shall adhere to the Clawford Rules and Code of Conduct.


Tanners Lake. (The specimen Carp Lake)

Tanners Lake is about 4.5 acres & incorporates three islands.

It ranges from 3 to 13 feet deep and has a lot of interesting underwater features.

Tanners Lake contains specimen, King Carp.

There is well over 80 Carp in the lake with at least 5 40's, 20 30's and 35 20's.

The lake record for a Common Carp (Brave Heart) was banked by Chris Day from St. Ausdell, Cornwall.

The big common was banked on 30th. September 2015 and weighed in at 33 lb 8oz.

The lake record for a Mirror Carp stands at 38 lb. 4 oz. and is held equally by Terry Taylor from Hatherleigh and by Tom Sheppard from Bloxwich.

In a recent netting, five 40's were found.

Major John.s Lake.

The lake extends to about 4 acres with three islands.

Major John's Lake contains specimen King Carp to over 40 lbs. & some other mixed species.

It has eight purpose built swims and ranges from 3 to 14 feet deep.

The lake record for a Mirror Carp stands at 43 lb 12 oz and is held by Les Hardwick from Northampton.

The lake record for a Common Carp stands at 29 lb.


Clawford Lake.

The lake extends to about 4.5 acres with three islands and ranges from 3 to 14 feet deep.

Clawford Lake contains specimen King Carp & some specimen Roach.

The lake is stocked at a level of 850 lbs an acre and contains some BIG commons to 36 lbs. and heavily scaled mirrors.

Poynters Lake.

The lake extends to about 3.5 acres with one island to the east.

It ranges from 3 to 13 feet deep and has several sunken islands.

The lake contains six specimen female King Carp (Simmos Fish) to mid 30s and a few male Carp to 20 lbs.


How to become a Member of the CCC.

Initially, arrange a site visit to see what Clawford has to offer, meet for a chat and obtain an application form.

Any angler who wishes to be considered for the CCC must apply in writing to 'John Ray' and enclose two color passport sized photographs with his written application & their completed application form.

Candidates must disclose any other memberships of Clubs or Syndicates. 

The CCC committee will consider the application for membership within fourteen days after receiving the application form and photographs.

The applicant will be informed by phone or email on the result of his/her application.

Successful applicants will be required to pay a one off, non-refundable joining fee of 650 plus an annual fee of 200 within seven days of being informed of their successful application to join the CCC.

A non-refundable annual fee of 200, falls due on 1st. March each year.

Anglers joining the CCC throughout the year will pay the initial annual fee, in proprtion to the month joined. (i.e. Join in August-September and you will pay 6/12ths. of 200 etc.)

Any member who fails to pay his subscriptions on time will be eliminated from the CCC.


Any angler found using more than two rods, fishing more than one lake will be escorted off site and banned from returning.

All monies paid will be forfeited

Any member who does not renew his membership, will not be allowed to re-join the CCC.


Braided Main Line and Braided hook lengths are banned.

Carp Sacks are banned!

     Keep nets are banned.

Particle baits are Banned except Sweet Corn and Hemp.

All nuts are banned.

       Barbed hooks are banned.

       Plastic and ruber baits are banned.

Stalking is not allowed if there is another angler on the lake.