Clawford Lakes.

Clawford is set in a private 78 acre estate with orchards, woods, pasture and over 40 acres of fishing lakes.

Residents can fish all lakes. Containing fresh water coarse fish and Game fish.

Fishing is free for residents.

An on-site bait shop which stocks an excellent variety of bait and some items of tackle.


1. All Clawford Lakes are stocked with a minimum target weight of 750 lbs. of fish per acre.

2. Fishing is free for residents.

3. The management will not accept any responsibility, for any circumstances, which affect the fishing or the lakes which is beyond their control.

Clawford Rules & Code of Conduct.


1.  Anglers shall familiarize themselves with the ‘Clawford Rules and Code of Conduct’ BEFORE fishing.

     2.  Angler’s must provide tackle, which is ‘fit for purpose’ on the lake they have chosen to fish.

3.  You may start fishing at 14.00 hours the day of your arrival & up to 12.00 hours the day  of departure.

4.  Driving to the lakes or parking around the lakes is strictly not permitted.

     5.  Night fishing on the lakes in front of the Visitors Complex is not allowed.

          (Fishing is from Dawn to Dusk).

6.  DO NOT!! bring any fishing tackle or bait of any kind into the accommodation.

7.  Rods are not transferable.

8.  NEVER leave your rods in the lake unattended at any time.

      (It is against the law & you will be prosecuted if the River Authorities catch you).

9.   Tents/Bivies or any structure that looks like a bivvey is only allowed in designated areas.

      (If we can see your tent from the visitor’s centre you are not in a designated area).

10. Do not take tins or glass jars/bottles to the lakeside.

      (Empty the contents into a bait box & leave the tins in the bins provided).

11. Fishing more than one lake at a time is not allowed.

12. Fishing off bridges is not allowed.

13. Litter of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes cigarette ends and match sticks!

14. All  minors shall vacate the visitor’s centre (Bar, Restaurant, Lounge & Games Room) by

      21.00 hours every night. Do NOT wait to be told or ask for special dispensation!!!!

Rod, Line, hook limit sizes and Night Fishing.
2 Rods.
Item. Lake.    Minimum Line Limit    Minimum Hook size   Night Fishing   Pole Fishing Lake
a). Tanner’s Lake.     10 lbs.. 8  YES NO
b). Major John’s Lake. 10 lbs. 8 YES NO
c). Clawford Lake.   10 lbs. 8 YES NO
d). Poynters Lake. 10 lbs.  8 YES NO
e). Fletchers Lake.   10 lbs.  8 NO NO
f). JR’s Lake.   8 lbs. 8 YES YES
g). Edwards Lake.  8 lbs. 8 YES YES
h). Rowes Lake.   8 lbs.  8    NO YES

1 Rod.
Item. Lake.    Minimum Line Limit    Minimum Hook size   Night Fishing   Pole Fishing Lake
a). Emery’s Lake.  5 lbs. 8 NO. NO.
b). Wanda’s Lake.  5 lbs. 12 NO. YES.
c). Gregory’s Lake.   5 lbs. 12 NO. YES.
d). Pinney’s Lake.  5 lbs. 12  YES. YES.
e). Julies Lake.   5 lbs. 12  YES. YES.
f). Pole Fishing Lake 1.  5 lbs. 12  NO. YES.
g). Pole Fishing Lake 2. 5 lbs. 12  NO. YES.
h). Kingfisher Lake.  5 lbs. 12  YES. YES.
J). Wanda's Stock Pond.   5 lbs. 12  NO. YES.

Clawford Code of Conduct.

1.   Anti social behavior / Bad language which causes distress to residents around the Lakes or in the visitors center will not be tolerated.

2.   There are over 16 lakes to choose from (subject to availability).  Do not set up in a swim right next to an angler who is already fishing & encroach on their swim.

3.   Do not cast over to the opposite bank on a lake into another anglers swim.

4.   Bank-side noise must be kept to a minimum.

5.   Do not bivvy up in a swim and then go sightseeing or shopping.

6.   Do not bivvy up in a swim and go fishing on another lake.

7.   Each angler is only allowed a maximum of 72 hours in one swim.

8.   Baiting up is only allowed in the swim you are fishing.

9.   Bait Boats are BANNED.

10. Stalking is not allowed on a lake if there is another angler fishing that lake.

11.  Fishing on the top with bread flake is not allowed.

Fish Care.

1.    As a minimum requirement, each angler must have a suitable, carp friendly Landing Net, forceps disgorger and  Unhooking Mat.

     All anglers are required to have a bottle of ‘Kryston’s Klinik’ in their tackle box. (This Rule applies to all anglers, including those stalking.)

2.  All fish shall be landed using a landing net with a carp friendly construction and a minimum  diameter of 24”.

3.  Barbed Hooks, Carp Sacks are not allowed.      

      (Keepnets can only be used on Rowes Lake and the Pole Fishing lakes, see  'Matches and        Keepnets section above)).

4.  Barbed hooks are BANNED. (A micro barb is a barbed hook! A barbed hook with the barb closed is a barbed hook!).

5.  Plastic baits are BANNED.

6.  Cat meat is BANNED.

7.  Nuts and Particle baits are BANNED. (With the exception of sweet corn and Pre-cooked Hemp   in tins or bottles).

8. Trout pellets are Banned. Use low oil carp pellets. If in doubt low oil carp pellets may be purchased from the Clawford Bait shop.

9. Fixed Leads, shock leaders, double strength line, bent hooks and in-pointing hooks are BANNED.

10. Braided line is BANNED when used as a main line. All hook links, it must be protected by a plastic tube at the hook for a minimum of   6”.

11. Shock Stiks are BANNED.

12. Any angler who has fished a water, which is known to be diseased, will declare this to the   proprietor in writing at least two days before arriving at Clawford.

13. Remember fishing is free for residents, providing you abide by the Rules & Code of Conduct.

      Any one found to be breaking the rules for any reason will not be allowed to fish and the    group they are with will not be allowed to fish.

14. THhe Clawford management will not accept any responsibility (under any circumstances) for any factors which adversely affect the lakes or the fishing of the lakes which are beyond their control.

15. Never remove, transfer or introduce fish to any water/lake without express written permission from the Proprietor.

     Any person who is found moving fish between lakes will be removed from complex immediately.

     Transferring fish between lakes will not be tolerated. Offenders will be prosecuted.

Please Remember.


i).    Fishing is free at Clawford for all residents (on all available lakes).

However, If you are found breaking the Rules and/or the code of Conduct your privilege to fish the Clawford lakes could be withdrawn.

ii)     Blatant offenders will be told to leave the complex immediately.

iii).   There will be no restitution of fees whatsoever and offenders will be black listed.


2.  We are licensed to consume beer in the Bar, lounge, restaurant, and beer garden area.

 Do not take alcoholic drinks/glasses from the bar to the lakesides for consumption.

3.  Free fishing, for residents on all lakes is subject to availability.

4.  if you are found using barbed hooks or un-protected hook lengths, your privilege to fish the Clawford lakes will be withdrawn and you will be told to leave Clawford immediately. All monies paid will be forfeited.


Matches and Keepnets.

1.   Keepnets can be used on Rowes Lake, PFL 1 &  PFL 2.

2.   However, fish over 4 lbs, shall NOT be kept in a keepnet. Do not put any fish 4lbs or over in a keep net any time of the year.

3.  Keepnets may be used on the other 'Pole Fishing Lakes' with prior agreement from Clawford management.

4.  Matches, for residents, may take place on the pole fishing lakes with prior agreement from Clawford management.

5.  Matches shall require a minimum of two keepnets (1 for Carp and 1 for Silver Fish) with a maximum of fifty pounds per net.