Most lakes can be seen from the Clawford Visitors Centre.

Lakes are accessed over well kept, grass banks.

Weather permitting, the grassed banks will be kept neat and tidy by regular cutting.

The lakes which are near the front of the Clawford visitors center are designated as 'Easy Access Lakes'. Generally, these seven lakes can be fished during day light hours only.


Easy access lakes are Fletcher's, Wanda's, Gregory's, Edwards, Pole fishing Lake 1, Pole fishing Lake 2 and Wanda's Stock pond.


The remaining lakes, in some cases my be a challenge to reach by disabled anglers.

Disabled anglers can request assistance with their tackle to the non-easy access lakes, providing, there are staff available to help.

Generally, this help will be available after the Shop has closed and/or the staff have completed their B&B & Self Catering cleaning duties. (Not immediately by demand.)

This facility is available to Anglers who are registered disabled at no cost.


If the able bodied anglers require this service, it will be at a cost of 5 per angler.

The free fishing to the Clawford Lakes is subject to availability.