Matches at Clawford.

Clawford are running open pegged matches on the Second (2nd.) and fourth (4th.) Sundays of the month.

Day tickets are available for each match lake for practicing and getting to know the lakes.

Any enquiries? Please contact Mr. Neilsen Jeffery on Face Book or Clawford Fisheries Face Book pages....



Clawford Open Matches 2017.
January 8th. 22nd.
February 12th. 26th.
March 12th. 26th.
April 9th. 23rd.
May 14th. 28th.
June 11th. 25th.
July 9th. 23rd.
August 13th. 27th.
September 10th. 24th.
October 8th. 22nd.
November 12th. 26th.
December 10th. 28th.


Clawford Match Lakes.
1. JRs Lake 44 pegs
2. Rowes Lake 44 pegs
3. Edwards Lake 24 pegs.
4. Fletchers Lake 24 pegs.


Clawford Open Matches.

The draw will take place in the Shop at 08.45 hours.

Neilson will decide which match lakes will be fished before the draw takes place.

Fishing will take place between 10.00 hours and 15.00 hours.

Match Rules.

·       Barbless hooks only.

·       All fish to be landed with a carp friendly landing net.

·       No feeding of anything that floats.

·       Use only fish friendly baits. Cat meat and dog meat are banned.

·       When tip fishing all feeders and leads must be free running on the main line, no stops or knots etc. to act as a bolt rig.

·       Please dry your keep nets before coming to Clawford.

·      You will probably need to bring at least 3 keep nets with you.

·       One keep net to be kept for silver fish.

·      On arriving at your peg, keep nets must be stretched out on the bank before the start of the match.

·       Keep nets can only be placed in the water 15 minutes before the start of the match.

·       The starting time of the match will be announced during the draw.

·       Maximum of 80 lbs. of carp in a keep-net, if over counts as 80 lbs. only.

·       Maximum of 50 lbs. of silvers in a keep-net, if over counts as 50 lbs. only.

·       You must use a float on the pole.

·       No floating of the pole.

·       Conventional pole fishing only.

·       Lift and drop only.

·       No slapping, tapping, helicoptering etc.

·       A maximum of 2 Kg. of carp pellets (7 pints) to be fed during a match.

·      The only feed pellets allowed are any pellets brought from our bait shop including Dynamite Baits green swim stim. 

No other feed pellets to be taken to the bank.  You  can use any make of ground bait, sweet corn etc. as feed.

·       If required, Carp pellets may be purchased from the Clawford bait shop prior to fishing.

·       Children are NOT allowed on the fishery during a match.

·       Dogs are NOT allowed on the fishery.