(January 6th.2009).                          


 'The waters you must fish in 2009'.

"A venue with superb accommodation, loads of water and some specimen sized fish is Clawford Fisheries at Holsworthy. There are 16 lakes on the 78 acre private estate with no less than 32 different species and sub-species of fish in them..

There are barbel in Wanda's, Fletcher's and Edward's Lake.  In Julies Lake you might catch a silver bream while specimen bronze bream are resident in Wanda's in the 6 - 10 lb bracket.

Catfish up to 65 lb are in JR's Lake and in fact they often feed during the day especially in hot weather. Chub to 6 lb-plus are possible from Wanda's while Edward's also holds rubber dubs. Ide are another interesting species and if you want to catch these try Wanda's and Edwards.

This is just a flavour of the variety on offer at Clawford, which is a favorite haunt of London and South East 'Where to fish' experts Bill & Virginia Rushmer.  With the quality of fish that's available it's little wonder why."   

Brian Gay.


                        (January 18th. 2008).

Clawford's Second Front Page Photograph!!

' Warm welcome at cold Clawford' in Colin Davidson's 'CARP WORLD'.

"Great fishing in stunning surroundings right by your front door"  

"We pointed the carp compass south west and headed to Devon to sample the sport on one of the most highly regarded complexes in the south - Clawford Vineyard".

Colin Davidson.

                                          (January 18th. 2008).



Clawford's First Front Page Photograph!!

'My top 15 lake tips'  An article on the tactics used at Clawford Fisheries, during the winter months by .

Bill Rushmer.

Fishing Talk With   Geoff Patrick                                                                      (17th. August 2003)

The Hidden Devonshire Gem.

As the readership will already know, your last week’s edition of ‘Fishing Talk’ came to you direct from the wonderful Devonshire fishery named ‘Clawford Vineyard.  Set in the rolling valley’s of the North Devon coast, being only ten miles from beautiful Bude.

Sitting outside the venue’s cottage complex in the dedicated disabled facility, laptop up and running; my attention was constantly being deflected to the swirling Buzzards, Roe Deer grazing 200 feet further up the valley, a Kingfisher diving straight into the surface water to collect feed for its family and anglers staring in amazement at the Ghost Carp up to 31-0-0 tail-walking across the closest lake to the complex called ‘Fletchers.’  This being the first lake of ten; all containing stunning fish, of stunning weights, and have a serious fighting attitude when hooked.  The old adage in angling of ‘It nearly pull my arms out of their sockets’ to describe a fighting fish; is so true of all the lakes at the venue!  I have been fishing all of my life, but never have I found a venue where the fish fight so furiously.  Whether it is a one pound roach or rudd or a three pound carp, they will pull your string so hard that you will be amazed to find on getting the fish finally on the surface, that is one of the venue’s tiddlers! 

The accommodation available equals some of best hotels I have stayed in globally, so comfortable and well appointed.  The venue also sports its own excellent bar which is fully stocked, a superb restaurant overlooking the 78 acre site where family prepared food is served and cooked with passion, being outstanding value for money with meagre tariffs, and a large patio where a quiet drink can be enjoyed overlooking the best valley in Devon with wonderful photographic and painting opportunities.  If your partner does not fish they will not only find the venue a haven of peace and quiet, but a superb centre of touring Cornwall and Devon .

In the company of Pulborough’s Webmaster Mark Emery and their fishery manager Ray Clark, we had an outstanding catch rate.  ‘Fletchers’ lake found me on the quest for that elusive 20-0-0 specimen ghost carp, but the best I could manage was a superb 15-3-0.  J.R’s lake saw our rods and poles bent into serious action on the dam wall end, with a constant stream of quality carp, roach and rudd to pellet, corn, and mainly meat.  Ray Clark had a constantly bent rod or pole all week and managed to break three or four personal best records for various species.  Mark Emery and Ray Clark showed their class by managing in excess of 100-0-0 plus catches each day of carp, bream, roach, rudd, barbel, Ide, tench, golden carp blue Orfe and chub.  Possibly the lowest catch rate of the entire fishery came from me!  The scorching weather we all enjoyed over the past fortnight took its toll on my stamina, seeing me diving from the relentless sunshine and heat to the comfort of the cool cottage.

Facilities for the disabled angler are second to none, which found me charging around the fishery on the ‘Anglers Ultimate Transport’ my modified four wheeled electric mobility buggy.  Modified by Ray Clark, the buggy sports a 360 degree fighting chair, a chest level bait waiter and a full size umbrella holder, and a carrying basket that contains eight maggot boxes for bait supplies.  During the week I fished five of the ten lakes available courtesy of my infamous buggy and owner John Ray who also has a quad bike and trailer on site to transport less abled anglers like myself, to the more distant lakes on site.

 If you haven’t enjoyed the ‘Clawford Vineyard’ experience, then you are missing out on a superb angling/touring opportunity and blissfully peaceful holiday.  I was pleased to be able to meet Gary Taylor from Nuneaton and his family of six.  They found ‘Clawford Vineyard’ via one of the ‘Fishing Talk’ columns, displaying that the column is broader based than simply the local region.  The Taylor ’s were delighted to find the venue and the fishing the equal and better than my report on the venue had portrayed.  For further information click on www.clawford.co.uk  or telephone or fax on 01409 254177.

Geoff Patrick 

                                                                                                                       (March 2003)

"I haven't seen footage of once-prolific video star Andy Little for a while now, but just released 'Andy Little explores the hidden lakes of Clawford'  sees the catching machine hard at work in a Devon Vineyard- Fishing, you understand.

The estate, lakes and fish are stunning and the video is well produced by Len Gurd. ".

Chris Ball. 


                                                                                                         (August 17th. 2002)


Andy Little's Angling Adventures. 

' Why film-maker Len deserves a Guinness record'

"Luxury holiday apartments and ten lakes make Clawford one of our best chill out fisheries"

" Clawford regular Ken Townley had earlier taken this 13 lb. Mirror from Tanners. He does most of his fishing in France but rates the Devon paradise very highly"

"Andy almost hooked every species under the sun from Wanda,s Lake, including this 5 lb. tench. It was easy, relaxed fishing at his rod end with single grains of corn".

"It was some of the most intensive fishing that i have experienced for a long time - and it was all at my rod tip".

"Our last day was packed with action as we filmed on the Intermediate Carp pool, known as Clawford Lake. I found some very obliging, surface feeding carp that were definitely up for it. Beautiful double row linears, heavily scaled Mirrors and stunning commons all found their way into my net. ".  

Roy Westwood & Andy Little.

                                                                                                       (April 16th. 2002)



"Within minutes of arriving, I witnessed regular Gloucester visitors Brian Rossiter with his son Steven, land a golden-coloured ghost carp of 16 lb 8 oz from Fletchers Lake" "Brian had tempted his second 16 lb-plus fish on floating bread"

"During my stay, Sam James, from Helston, in Cornwall was on a night session ....... he had early success with a fish of just over 18 lb. But an early morning run had resulted in one of the waters biggest specimens, 'Orange Spot', weighing in at 31 lb 8 oz"

"TED'S VERDICT. My fleeting visit taught me that Clawford has that special quality that will always leave you wanting more"

Ted Rowe.

                                                                                                                              (July 28th. 2001)

Andy Little's Angling Adventures. 

' Stalking Devon's creamy ghosties in a vineyard'



"I immediately fell in love with the place"

"and our superb, self catering apartment gave a wonderful view across the lakes from it's balcony"

"Many Clawford ghost carp have got alabaster-like pigments with a scale pattern that would brighten a jewellery box".

"A quick inspection of my first baited swim revealed clouds of mud billowing up a few inches out from the reeds.......... A white streak shot across the surface as I struck and minutes later I had my first Clawford ghostie".

I also hooked into one of the lakes big golden orfe. It was a decent specimen in the 5 to 6 lb bracket".

"Clawford Vineyard is a peaceful, tranquil fishery run with a very laid back attitude. It's a wonderful place to unwind".  

Andy Little.

                                                                                                  (July 2001)

"It's a venue that really does offer something for everyone. For the big fish angler the Specimen lake and Major Johns both hold carp in excess of 30 lb but if it's plenty of action you want both Gregory's and Fletchers hold plenty of average sized carp, in fact the Ghosties in Fletchers are amongst the nicest looking fish you will see. They fight extremely hard and go up to over 30lb. In addition to the carp lakes, which also hold plenty of other species, there are several other lakes that hold specimen tench, bream, roach, catfish and various other species.

If you are holidaying in the area  Vineyard can be fished on a day ticket or, better still, you can stay B&B or self-catering on site. 

The accommodation is excellent and has been recently voted 16th. in an Observer article entitled 'A Toast to Britain's Top Twenty B&Bs'. There is a small tackle shop on site and an excellent restaurant that's very reasonably priced. 

If you fancy a day, a weekend or a week at Clawford ring John or Wanda Ray on 01409 254177 or visit their excellent web site www.clawford.co.uk." 

Ken Townley.

            Club Nutrabaits News Number 14.                             (2000)

Bill Cottam visits Clawford Vineyard.

"If you are on the look out for a UK holiday destination, where you can combine quality carp fishing and un adulterated luxury for the better half, you really need to look no further than the highly rated Clawford Vineyard.

Accommodation at the Vineyard is in the shape of a 12 bedroom on-site B&B, which, in all honesty, is as good, if not better equipped than many hotels that charge twice the price. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms and tea/coffee making facilities, and colour TV's are also included.

Downstairs you will find the sumptuous visitor's centre, comprising a good sized bar, restaurant, games room, residents lounge and a small tackle and bait shop.

The owners of Clawford Vineyard, John and Wanda Ray are justifiably proud of the fact that, in a recent article in the "Observer", entitled 'A toast to Britain's top twenty B&B's', Clawford came in at 16 in the whole of the UK.

I cannot imagine what the 15 that came above them must be like! It's harder to  imagine a nicer place to stay than Clawford Vineyard".

Bill Cottam.

The Observer.                                                 (Sunday 26th. March 2000.)

Under the heading of "Escape Guide to charming B&Bs". 

With the subheading of "A toast to our top 20".

Clawford came in at number 16 from the top 20, from the whole of the British Isles.

"The property, in the peaceful Claw Valley, also has a cider apple orchard. There is extensive coarse fishing available, with monster carp awaiting anglers in several well-stocked lakes. The spacious en suite bedrooms are a recent addition. All are well furnished and equipped. The public areas, overlooking the lakes, include a comfortable lounge, spacious bar and games room. Meals are served in the conservatory, which allows each party to enjoy the fine views and observe the abundant wildlife".

                                                                                                (December 2000)

'The fish in Clawford's Specimen Lake are not the easiest to catch. They are crafty as hell, do not tolerate clumsy tactics or presentations', 'but one thing for sure ... they are growing like crazy with at least four or five fish of 29 lb plus'. 

'whirling clutches and swirling fish, suffice it to say that at first light the following morning a magnificent 22lb 12oz common picked up the Trigga hook bait '...then 'Trigga had accounted for yet another of the lakes secretive carp. This one weighed 23lb 14oz, a fish known as 'Black Spot'', one of the most cautious fish in the lake'.

'Look closely. No, you're not seeing things as it's one of Clawford's 25lb plus Ghosties drifting along close to the surface - spooky!'. 

'treat your wife to a long weekend in the quiet of the Devon countryside. She can put her feet up - you can fish the speccy Lake!'. 

Ken Townley.

                                                                                                                    (December 4th. 1999)

"John and Wanda Ray are to be congratulated on creating what is probably the best carp angling package in the region. This is real executive class fishing and no expense has been spared. With exclusive carping for big fish, total comfort, food fit for a king, and a bar and lounge".

"the complex is a perfect retreat for the family, for fishing groups on a great get-away-from-it-all session, or for the dedicated carp man on his own".

Ken Townley.

"What I refer to are the tackle crunching Ghost Carp that inhabit ‘Fletcher’s Lake’ on Devon’s Clawford Vineyard".

"They run to 23 lb with most around 10 lb".

"Clawford’s facilities are excellent too, with top class accommodation, restaurant, games room and a bar".

Brian Gay.

"Facilities are excellent, with toilets, bar and bookable breakfasts. The house is really a mini hotel offering exclusive fishing and accommodation at very reasonable prices".

Lets Go Coarse Fishing.

"certainly is becoming one of the best venues in the country".

Bill Rushmer.